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Brisbane Aluminium welding

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Brisbane Aluminium welding is a long overdue supplementary service from the normal aluminium fabrication welding most people will be used to seeing. After vast years of helping people with repair requirements i have decided that a dedicated setup for reclamation welding of aluminium alloys is a long overdue requirement. With the addition of our Cobra Matic 300 amp mono inert gas MIG welding plant we are able to offer a more complete continuous weld quantity than ever before . To compliment the Tungsten inert gas setup TIG for the reconstruction of just about any aluminium alloy component that has been manufactured on the market today. In conjunction with various machine shop facilities we can usually repair and re machine most casings and housings built today out of aluminium alloy composition.

There is a real requirement for cleanliness, and with the facilities we have including steam cleaning and abrasive blasting, all done in house the requirements can almost always be met in order to prepare and weld the damaged part you may have, and the of course re fit it or re machine it to tolerance henceforth reclaiming what would otherwise be a useless component because it is out of specification. Preheating and cooling are of the utmost importance when large items are requiring reclamation welding as the heat variations vary ,and the difference in thermal expansion and contraction usually will determine if the aluminium alloy component is repairable or not due to warping. So if your aluminium alloy component is broken cracked, and it is repairable, then we will endeavour to our best to repair it successfully and return it to a healthy service life for you. We also cater for the basic aluminium alloy welding requirements whether it be boats or anything that is fabricated right down to doing the welding fabrication as well. so if you have a crack in your boat of a tear for that matter we can repair and patch that for you as well. Aluminium fuel tank alterations and repairs are also a specialty of Brisbane aluminium welding as is air receiver tanks for reclamation and repairs.

Building ramps and gates including alterations to service body's for all tradespersons requirements. Also with the addition of our abrasive blasting setup which is a 200CFM industrial screw compressor and blast pot with refrigerated air dryer we are able to spray paint and colour code any fabrication to the requirements of the individual customer. As a fully equipped spray-painting facility and blast facility we have colour mixing systems and computers as well as the ability to eye colour match all colours to requirments.

Proprietor: Mark Pusztay. 35/b Norbury St Coopers Plains. Mobile: 0409 489 192

Proprietor: Mark Pusztay. 35/b Norbury St Coopers Plains, Brisbane. 4108. Mobile: 0409 489 192